The Boyne River Ukulele Group has been meeting again despite the blog not being updated.  The best way to stay updated is by being added to the group's email list. There is also another group that meets on Wednesday afternoons. Both groups have been joining forces over the last couple of years to play local events including an event at the Active Living Centre today, on March 29th, 2023. We hope to start updating regularly in this space again soon. Some of the sidebar links are also in the process of being updated. Happy Strumming!

June 20, 2021 

It has been a while since the group has been together in person but we were able to meet virtually using Zoom near the beginning of the pandemic and when public health orders as a result of the pandemic allowed, some of us met outside in small groups. 

A few of us also met online virtually to play a few tunes. 

A hightlight though was receiving a grant from the Carman Area Foundation this spring which allowed us to prepare a couple of selections to share our music as we used to in person with seniors (or anyone else) that might like to hear us sing and play. 

Each member involved recorded themselves singing and playing one or both of two pieces while listening to the initial performance by Tom and Lori on headphones. 

Then all of the parts were edited together into two videos using the CAF funding. 

Here was the article about the group's virtual performances posted at Pembina Valley Online.
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

There will be another open mic this coming Wednesday, December 18th. 

Participation is optional but it's a great way to practice performing in front of an audience because you already know us and we're all in the same boat. :)  It's funny how performing solo (we have also had members perform duets) seems scarier when it's called an "open mic" performance without a mic (our first take on this new uke club tradition) and even scarier when there is an actual mic and it's turned on (the last time we had an open mic session).

As we did last time though you are free to play just one, more, or no songs. If our last two open mic sessions are any indicatioin, the evening will also include lots of group strumming and singing.

As Lana mentioned in her email, if you would like to bring refreshments or snacks to nibble on that would be a great addition to the evening.

Hope to see you there!

Also, welcome to our newer members including Melissa who just joined.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Thanks to everyone who was able to represent us at the concert on December 1st and to Barry for hosting a get together after. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Verna and Thelma reported that there were thirteen in attendance and the group practiced our two Christmas pieces at the beginning and at the end of the strumming session.   

Those at practice decided to meet at the United Church to practice our two Christmas songs next Wednesday night (Nov. 27) at 6.45 p.m. Linda arranged for the doors to be open at 6:30. There is a choir practice at 7:30 so the group will have to be finished by then. 

Wednesday November 6, 2019

We practiced our pieces for December 1st and will continue to work on them.

We had a wonderful turn out, 14 players. Last week we had 13. Great fun and enthusiasm with such a large group. 

- Thelma 

Sorry, I missed it. :) I have been practicing the pieces Lana sent out last week including Runaway and Christmas in Killarney for the December 1st performance at the Sonatrice Christmas concert.

Below is a nice version of the song by the Barra MacNeils

- Heather

For Wednesday November 6, 2019

Please check your email, the song list on the blog or the songs on the drive for some new song additions from Lana including:

Christmas in Killarney, I'm into Something Good (two versions), Beautiful Star of Bethlehem, Someday You'll Want Me to Want You, and Aloha Hula Wula

Lana also reported that at last week's session members decided we would perform Runaway and Christmas in Killarney at the Sonatrice Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 1. If the schedule is the same as last year, we should arrive at the United Church at 1:30 to do a run through.